Date a guy who loves Jesus ♥

Date the guy who has his heart set on having God’s heart. Date a guy who’s captured by Christ. 

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing that strong man that you’ve known melt in compassion and reverence in the presence of God. To see him fall to his knees, with tears in his eyes and hands held high, without a care to the world watching him. But you will notice, this guy’s got something.

Date the guy who’s not afraid to show it. 

You’re lucky if you get him, for they’re not easy to find. They might say that they believe, just to be close to you. But if you find a guy who really loves God, hold on to him.

The guy who loves Jesus will respect you. He’ll pursue you, pray for you, treasure you. He won’t pressure you or control you, but gently walk beside you and lead you. He will appreciate you as the gift and beauty you are, and remind you of it every day. 

The guy who loves Jesus will worship with you. He’ll pray for you, he’ll pray with you. He will lead you with strong hands, stand up when you can’t… but remind you that only God can satisfy. He’ll search you out like the Proverbs 31 Woman, and love you with agape like only he can. 

Date a guy who loves Jesus with everything he is. He’ll be good to you, he’ll treat you well, and when you spend your life with him, it will be beautiful. He’s been created just for you, and together you’ll find and follow your purpose. 

Date a guy who loves Jesus because you deserve it. and when you finally find him, don’t forget to thank God every single day he’s around. 

Or better yet, marry a guy who loves Jesus.


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